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Nutritional Supplements For Comprehensive Digestive Horse Gastrointestinal Equine Support Nutrient Absorption

15SRGO6S 20 Days Small Bag 1.32Lb. Smooth Run Plus Gastro 15SRGO6S 20 Days Small Bag 1.32Lb. Smooth Run Plus Gastro

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Horse gastrointestinal digestive support supplement nutritional vitamins feed intestinal formula, helps horses achieve optimum health, particularly in horses with ulcers, diarrhea, metabolic issues, Cushing's disease and gut-related ailments such as colic.

The base is a proprietary blend Micro-encapsulated probiotic, digestive enzymes and a therapeutic dose of 100% Pure Bovine Colostrum. In conjunction with amino-acid, Mushroom beta glucan, Yucca, Vitamins, minerals and other key ingredients, this foundation set the stage for efficient digestion and enables proper assimilation of essential nutrients.

Unlike many Gastro medications and treatments, Smooth Run gastro support the restoration of essential "good" bacteria, which in turn support healing and ultimately good health.

Smooth Run Gastro formula is recommended for symptoms of gastric distress which may include reduction of feed intake, diarrhea, irritability, and colic symptoms. Gastro is essential during periods of stress from injury, or illness, de-worming, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment, and medications in general. Although these items are necessary at times, they can contribute to breakdown of essential flora and healthful bacteria in the digestive tract.

Many of Competitive users customers concider this formula indispensable while on the road ensuring their horses comfort and health away from home.

Smooth Run Plus Calming formulation helps horses stay calm before or after competition

Smooth Run Plus Calming is formulated to:

Support and help maintain gastrointestinal health

Reduce the possibility of digestive colic

Support microbial balance in the digestive tract

Provide support against environmental toxins

Support nutrient absorption

Valerian root and Chamomile flower are not approved for use in some competitive venues. Be sure to administer this supplements at the appropriate time and always check with your show officials for specific restrictions.

Active Ingredients Per Serving (per 30g): Scoop Included - Proprietary Digestion Enhancer achieve H blend- 10,000mg, Saccharomyces serevisiae- min. 50 billion, Probiotic blend- min. 10 billion, Prebiotic blend MS, FOS, AOS- 45000mg, Colostrum Proline-rich Polipeptides- 12,000mg, Yucca schidigera extract- 1,800mg, Papaya leaf pure- 2,000mg, Ginger root powder pure- 1,000mg,

Your Horses Deserve The Best Digestion Gastrointestinal Supplement You Can Provide

Nutritional supplements for comprehensive digestive horse gastrointestinal  supplement support nutrition formulation. Ideal for horses that respond poorly to environmental changes, such as traveling to and from a venue, who may stop eating temporarily – and at a time when fuel is so important.

Smooth Run PRO our “all in one” supplement helps to support and maintain a balanced immune system which is the foundation for a good healthy horse. Smooth Run Pro contains high levels of probiotics, digestive enzyme, colosturm which helps support gastrointestinal health and improves nutrient absorbs which is key to a horse performing at this level.

In addition joint support, respiratory support and aid in recovery are all benefits your horse will realize when using Smooth Run Pro.

Smooth Run Plus which provides the right combination of nutrients to sooth sensitive stomachs and help repair the joint and tissue damage from such intense and strenuous exercise. It also helps horse’s respiration during the race and helps improve recovery time post event.

Other complementary supplements:

Smooth Run Breathe uses all-natural ingredients, like colostrum and proprietary enzymes, to keep airways open during heavy exercise and immediately following hard intense exercise.