Vascular Arm & Hand Training Circulatory System Simulator

Vascular Arm NPNSB24989UG Vascular Arm NPNSB24989UG

Buyamag INC


This life-size Vascular Arm model provides a complete understanding of the Circulatory System of the Arm and Hand. An Excellent Teaching aid for Venipuncture Training. Modeled in a semi-flexed position with the Brachial, Radial, and Ulnar Arteries and accompanying Veins with their Radicals Shown. The complete Circulatory System of the hand is shown on both Palmar and Dorsal surfaces. Comparative sizes of the various Blood Vessels are clearly indicated and facilitate the study of the Blood Circulation in the Arm. Mounted on a stand with key card.  Size: 26" x 7" x 11