Magnetic Bracelets Wrap Around

Magnetic Bracelets Wrap Around

1,500 gauss strong

Buyamag INC


16" long. Wrap around on your Wrist or Ankle. No clasp required. Each Magnetic Bracelet contains 16 Magnets.


Magnetic Bracelet "Wrap Around" stile is 16" long, can be used on the Wrist or on the Ankle. Each Magnetic Bracelet consists of: Wrap Around Memory Spring (no clasp required), Magnetic Core of 16 Magnets, evenly distributed in the Magnetic Bracelet , to cover important Acupuncture Points and Energy Meridians located around the Wrist. It promotes open the blockages in Energy Meridians, free Energy Flow in Meridians and Blood Circulation in the Body. Promotes Relieve: Stiff Muscles, Muscle Spasms, General Wellness.

Made in Japan . Jewelry Brand Name Black Gift Box Included.