magnetic car chair seat cushion

Magnetic Car Chair Seat Cushion

Car Chair Seat Cushion
Magnetic Car Seat Chair Cushion Magnetic Car Seat Chair Cushion

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Magnetic Seat Cushion design with build-in 60 Biomagnetic Units, 1450 gauss each for best Blood Circulation & Maximum Effectiveness. Magnetic Seat Cushions are constructed of durable, attractive, soft Blue Color fabric, quilted to structural-durable grade foam, to create exceptional support and comfort for the body. The Quilted Side is the Top.

his Universal Magnetic Seat Cushion can be used in a car during travel, on a Chair at home or office, or just about any place, this new stream line size makes it even more versatile. The Magnetic Cushion Seat design with Size 20"x41"
Magnetic Seat Cushion Designed to Meet Your Needs