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Magnetic reflexology massage insoles design with strong uniformed magnetic field power 1550 Gauss, insoles magnetic surface cover through the entire surface of each Foot. Designed with 65 magnetic reflexology massaging domes, and 45 air circulation holes ( in each insole ). Special magnetic insole top configuration with massage domes stimulates reflexology points on the soles of your feet while you walk.

Foot Reflexology is pressure therapy and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex point located in the feet. Foot Reflexology is based on Chinese Traditional Therapy, that our nerve zones or Reflex Points located on the bottom of our feet connected through energy meridians with the top of our Head and Internal Organs, invigorating all vital organs on the way.

The invigorating effect of the Magnetic Insole has to do with the Reflexology Points in the Feet that lead to all parts and organs of the body. When Reflexology Points are stimulated through Magnetic Field Massage, the Energy Meridians unblock, the Energy and Blood Circulation improved, starts flow free through and the whole body feels harmonious.

Magnetic Massage Reflexology Domes Strategically located to Insure Stimulation Massage all Reflexology Trigger Points Located through the Foot. Energizing and Invigorating effect to the entire body and internal organs, promotes vitality, blood alkalinity, increase micro blood circulation. Can be used during the day or just when needed. Some people use them at night by putting them in Socks.