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Ceramic 16 or 8 Magnets Flexible Pads Magnets Nylon Encased

16 Magnets 7 In x 5 In Nylon Incased 16 Magnets 7 In x 5 In Nylon Incased

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Magnets :

Magnetic flexible pads may be used with the Stretch-It Velcro Straps, other belts, or alone. Magnets are secured in a durable, mesh-like fabric. All north is on one side, south on the other. The 6.5" x 3.5" pad has 8 magnets and the 6.5" x 5" pad has 16 magnets. All BioNoth 3800gauss. North Side Polarity is defined with "N". Our Polarity Identifier Pencil can help you identify North or South polarity site of Magnets. 0">Click Here for More About Velcro Straps Click here for More About Polarity Identifier Pencil