infant circumcision newborn model

Male Infant Circumcision Model Newborn Practice Circumcision Trainer Simulator Kit

NPNLF00908U White Infant Newborn Circumcision Trainer Simulator NPNLF00908U White Infant Newborn Circumcision Trainer Simulator

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Simulator :

Male infant circumcision training newborn simulator model is a surgical procedure performed to remove the loose tissue, known as the foreskin, covering the glans of the penis.

This worldwide procedure is performed for health, religious, or cultural reasons shortly after birth, around puberty, or during young adulthood. The World Health Organization (WHO), the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) state evidence that indicates male circumcision significantly reduces the risk of female-to-male HIV transmission by over 50%.

Circumcision trainers have been developed with the assistance from one of the top medical schools in Wisconsin, as well as medical professionals in South Africa and Indonesia. The trainers include the foreskin, glans penis, frenulum, meatus, and coronal groove. These trainers are made with our soft, lifelike material, which is pliable, delicate, and realistic to the touch.

Medical students, physicians, and other practitioners can learn, practice, and improve realistic, hands-on skills for this delicate procedure without the worry of learning on a live patient. Practice simulating dorsal block injection, separating the inner lining of the foreskin (preputial epithelium) from its attachment to the glans, surgical removal of the foreskin, and suturing techniques. These trainers may also be used to demonstrate the procedure and practice aftercare skills to family members.

Since there are different methods of circumcision, the Circumcision Trainers have been designed for Mogen clamp method, Guillotine clamp method, Gomco clamp method, Plastibell method, dorsal slit method, forceps guided method, and sleeve circumcision.

Infant Circumcision Training Kit is a complete kit for all circumcision training needs. Circumcision Simulator Includes: one infant torso, six glans with attached foreskins, instruments (scalpel, 4-1/2" micro-forceps, 6" precision probe, Iris research scissors, 5" straight Halstead mosquito forceps, 5" curved Halstead mosquito forceps, Ethicon suture thread with needle), instrument case, instructions, and soft nylon carrying case.

Model Include:

  • One infant torso
  • 6 glans with attached foreskins
  • instruments (scalpel, 4-1/2" micro-forceps,
  • 6" precision probe
  • Iris research scissors
  • 5" straight Halstead mosquito forceps
  • 5" curved Halstead mosquito forceps
  • Ethicon suture thread with needle
  • instrument case
  • instructions,
  • Soft nylon carrying case