commercial humidifier

Humidifier Centrifugal Industrial Fogging Misting System Commercial Bench Top Portable

Humidifier Centrifugal Fogging Misting System 5 GPH. 115V. 60Hz.

NP1446 Humidifier Fogging Centrifugal Portable System 115V 60 Hz NP1446 Humidifier Fogging Centrifugal Portable System 115V 60 Hz

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Humidistat Humidity Automatic Control
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Humidistat Humidity Automatic Air Control
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Humidistat Air Humidity Automatic Control
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Cycle Timer Automatic Control
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Thermostat Automatic Control
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24 Hour Timer Automatic Control
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Humidity Meter & Dew Point
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Humidity & Temperature Meter
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Industrial centrifugal fogging grade humidifier delivers excellent quality performance, easy fast installation, low maintenance, dependability. This Deluxe Industrial Humidifier, Design on a centrifugal concept to produce fog mist with small molecules humidification. Can be used in commercial industrial or home settings. 

This concept design, allow to by pass all of the burdens of : complicated installations, need of compressors, pumps, nozzles, drainage pipes, high maintenance, waste of space, heavy power consumption...Trouble-Free, Simple Structure With High Durable Qualities!

Centrifugal Humidifier connected directly to a cold water supply, and fill it self automatically with build in Automatic-Fill Float Assembly without interruptions. Centrifugal Humidifier, quietly delivers up to 2 gal/hr of perfect Mist Fog. Only one Humidifier easily integrated with our HCH-3" Humidistat (optional, not included) for automatic area humidification. Adjustable Direction Misting Head. NP-50 -------- standing or hanging operation

Used in industries: Greenhouses Growers Humidification, Mushroom Cultivation Humidification, Vegetables Cultivation Humidification, Residential Air Humidification, Orchids Humidification, Paper Industry, Printing Industry, Solariums Humidification , Zoo and Pat Rooms Humidification, Flowers Growers, Nurseries Humidification, Chicken-Breeding Air Humidification, Tobacco, Propagation, Dust suppression.

Direct Cold Water System Connection, Very Quiet Operation, Continuous Operation, Centrifugal Principle Applied, No Special Installation Required, Completely Droplet - Free Aerosol Mist!, Powerful and Heavy Duty Atomizer!, No High Pressure Pumps Needed!, No Water Filtration Necessary!, No Nozzle Clogs!, No Drainage Line Require!, Reliability, Little Space Required, Low Energy Consumption, Portability Easy to Carry From one Space to Another, Humidifier can be Controlled automatically by "HCH-3"( humidity control humidistat, optional item)

Include: Float valve in water tank for automatic float valve water refill and maintain the water level in the water tank. 360 degr. adjustable direction position manual turning head.

Steel Hanger and Housing Support, Simple 1/4 tube connector, 10 feet power cord. Nozzle-Free Atomization. Recycles waste water. Motor Industrial Grade, Totally enclosed shaded-pole motor. Motor engineered for extended life in use around water, Stainless Steel Shaft. Arrives safely packaged, impact protected and fully assembled. Ready for use.


Humidification Coverage: 2000sq.ft (and more ), Continuous Operation , Power Supply: 110V/60Hz. (or 220V/50Hz. Not Available) , Power Consumption: 90W, Dimensions: --370 x 370 x 480mm. (16"x16"x20"), Model NP-50,: ------------- 2.500cc/4,500cc/hour , Humidification Capacity: -- 2 gallon/P/hour, Mounting: Floor, Shelf , Weight --- 8Kg., Small fogging molecules.

Extra Automatic controls - optional - select when ordering bellow