cervical neck traction

Cervical Neck Traction Exercise Stretches Cervical Spine With Air Pump Relief Muscle Tension Pulling Forse

Neck Traction AirPlus

Cervical Neck Tracktion AirPlus NP-R Cervical Neck Tracktion AirPlus NP-R

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Cervical neck traction introduces a unique structure design based on vertebral spine cervical air traction and neck elongating exercise. Combine with unique materials and development, most popular "AirPlus" allows:  neck shoulders muscle relaxation & comfort, delivers relief of tension, muscles spasms, stress and pressure in the neck, shoulders, head and cervical vertebral area.

You can feel the results in just a few short minutes after using neck traction "Airplus Deluxe"

The main function is based on relieve pressure from cervical disks, By neck traction, elongating and exercise cervical neck area with air pressure.

"AirPlus" can be an effective aid to sufferers from neck cervical vertebral stress, tension, pressure, and discomforts. Improves blood supply to neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Promotes a total relaxation by release of pressure, stiffness, muscles spasms, and stress in the neck, head, and shoulders area.

"AirPlus" can deliver cervical traction force per sq. in" you like. Used in the beginning, with low pressure (low traction force)
  1. Relax yourself as much as possible during treatment.
  2. While taking the medium or high traction,
  3. Who Uses The Cervical Neck Traction "AirPlus"
  • Computer operators, programmers
  • Desk workers
  • People spending long periods sitting
  • People with built up stress in the neck & shoulders
  • Aging people
  • Person spending long periods in one position
  • People lacking exercise
  • People with stiff neck and cervical muscles
  • People suffering from pressure build up in neck & shoulders
  • After injury recovery

Why use cervical neck traction "AirPlus"

Surrender the cervical pressure, tired stiff muscles, stressed neck, disk shoulders pressure. use the soft air traction cushion like it is floating on a cloud, and feel stress, pressure, and discomfort disappear !

"Airplus" deliver adjustable air traction pressure you like! Made up of new type of durable material with a soft texture, cervical traction "Air Plus" delivers maximum comfort to the neck vertebral area. Experience a total body and mind relaxation that you never before thought can be possible. It has the characteristics of quick results and effectiveness, safe, convenience with no side effect.

  • Uses the most advanced technology, design, materials and ancient wisdom combined all in one!
  • Three Air Chambers
  • Neck Size - adjustable - one size fit all
  • Compact and portable
  • Light Weight
  • Efficient Hand Pump

Technical Specifications "AirPlus" Deluxe

Material --- Inner Latex Chamber, Soft Textile Covering.
  1. Valve For Air Release
  2. Valve Cushion
  3. Hand Inflation Pump
  4. Nylon Velcro Straps
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Mental Disorders
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Cervical Spine Inflammation
  • Ruptured Ligaments
  • Any Bone Fractures, Cervical, Shoulders
  • Blood - Clotting Disorders
  • Oral Disease or Dental Problems
  • Any Postoperative Conditions
  • Any Malignancy

Always consult with your physician before using these products. The Buyamag INC. does not make any diagnosis or give medical recommendations. These products are not intended to cure, heal, or prevent diseases.

Not use, not recommended for driving, or overnight sleep.

Before using - Consulting with a Doctor is always recommended .

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Keep out of reach of children.