teeth malocclusion model board

Malocclusion Demonstration Board Magnetized Parts Orthodontic Diagnostic Model

Malocclusion Board

NPKGRP12TR11A Malocclusion Demonstration Board NPKGRP12TR11A Malocclusion Demonstration Board

Buyamag INC


Malocclusion demonstration board model with magnetic - movable meniscus. Replaceable jaw inserts effectively simulate demonstrate malocclusions - class 1, 2-1, 2-2, & 3. Complete with anterior bite splint that fits over central incisor. All parts are magnetic, and stick to the black board.

Orthodontic malocclusion model a great way to educate your patients on what is going on.  This model also helps simulate demonstration malocclusion disorders as well as solutions that treatment and therapy.

This is a great tool for dentists or any physical therapist skilled in treating malocclusion disorders