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Periodontal Diseases Calculus Deposits Model

Periodontal Dental Model

NPGRP15DTRM653 Periodontal Model NPGRP15DTRM653 Periodontal Model

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32 Teeth Periodontal Involved Model - Typodont. The Gum opens and close to normal position. Soft Pink Silicone Material Gingivae is sectioned interproximally and through the buccal at the mid line. Gingivae can opens, allowing easy Patient Demonstration Periodontal Disease or During Students discussions. One Side Demonstrating: The Teeth included on the normal side are: securely held in place and are not removable. e. The Other Side Demonstrating: Periodontal Disease Affected Areas with Calculus Deposits, Bone Loss. On the Periodontal affected side, the teeth are anatomically rooted and are held in place with adhesive to demonstrate mobility. Can be ordered: with Bench or Chair Mount or Without Mount. Excellent Model for Dental Schools Education, Doctors Office Patient Demonstrations. Model Features: Typodont with Removable 32 teeth. Model Features: typodont with Removable 32 teeth, removable gingivae Normal side: are not removable. Periodontal Side Demonstrating: Anatomically Rooted held in place with Adhesive to Demonstrate Mobility, Periodontal Affected Gum, Bone Loss Areas, Calculus on Teeth, Gingivae is Sectioned for demonstration during patient or students discussions excellent Model Made for Dental Schools. Used in Dental Schools in educational programs and Periodontal Techniques Training. Students practice work experience training. In Dental offices for patient's demonstrations and also for legal presentations. American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins