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GiGong Professional Deluxe Universal Machine Massager 2 Transducers New Generation

NP QiGong Massager With 1 Build in and 1 External Transducer Professional Deluxe Sit-On NP QiGong Massager With 1 Build in and 1 External Transducer Professional Deluxe Sit-On

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Replacement External Blue Heavy Duty Transducer
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This Infrasonic Qigong Massager Professional Deluxe Machine Sit-On Stile, with 2 Dual Transducers was developed by researcher and Original Inventor of Qigong Massager, Dr. Simon Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Simon Wang and his team has been searching and working on scientific base on QiGong and other eastern Healing Arts.

After medical training in China (M.D.), he continued to complete his Master degree in acupuncture and Ph.D. degree in neuroendocrinology and post-doctoral work from the West. He studied and conducted medical research in Melbourne, Australia, Boston, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, California, USA and China. He has published numerous scientific papers on neuroscience and books. In the East, it is believed that health and longevity can be achieved and maintained by cultivation and promotion of one's own mind and body, proceeding through practices of meditation, breath control and body postures. This art is called Qi Gong (QiKung) in China, and Yoga in India.

Professional Massager Universal with dual transducers is a latest design Sitting Stile, and second transducer can be used simultaneously. So person can use 2 transducers simultaneously on 2 different body points.

A person can Sit on the machine and Professional Model with a New High - Tech Technology. It is redesigned to deliver: More Power, Faster Results, More Accuracy, Safe time, More Random Frequency, and Up Grated New Heavy Duty Transducer. Qi Gong Massager utilizes Alpha Rhythm waves at the Low Frequency 8 -14hz. and Amplitudes altered in High or Low. This Therapeutic Vibrations Promoting Synchronize the Body Parts, to Penetrate Deep in Tissues and travel far reaching sites. The Qi Gong Massager Machine consists of two parts: a low - frequency (8 - 14Hz.) Signal Generator, and Build In Acoustic Transducer, ( Additional External Transducer Optional ) which transmits a low frequency vibration wave. QiGong Massager Machine Combines Ancient Chinese Wisdom and Modern Technology for treatment of Relieve Minor Aches and Pains, Relax Body Muscles, Increase Circulation. The Infrasound Professional Massager activates Tissue, moving Stagnant Fluids out of Painful Areas, thereby drawing in fresh Oxygenated Fluids, and to Enhance Body Homeostasis - Self Healing Process, Reducing Swelling and Relaxing Tense Muscles.

You can use the Massager with Build-In Infrasonic Transducer to sit, lie, or lean on. Or attach the optional External Heavy Duty Transducer and treat other body areas at the same time for enhanced effects. Or a second person can use Qi Gong External Transducer same time. Voltage Power: 220v or 110v - Optional. The Infrasound Qi Gong Pro-Massager has FDA 501K listing as safe for home or Doctors Office use, and reimbursable by many insurance companies if recommended by your doctor. Specifications: Infrasonic frequency 8~ 14 Hz, 115v, Internal build-in transducer and one Blue Heavy Duty External Transducer - included, Remote Control Buttons: Auto Shut/Off Timer -- 10, 20 min, Buttons Select Frequency Intensity -- Low, High, Red led power light ON or OFF, Power Adaptor, Power Cord - 8' long, Shipped in a Special Impact Protected Styrofoam Safe Packaged Box, Manual, 24 Month Warranty on Manufacturing Defects.