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Air Negative Ionizer Personal Purifier Germ Guardian

Personal Germ Guardian

Personal Air Negative Ionizer Personal Air Negative Ionizer

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Air personal Ionizer negative ions personal germ guardian necklace. Filter-less - no filter replacement required. Small and lightweight enough to carry on your neck wherever you go. It also includes a neck leather strap that you can ware around your neck.

It uses ionic breeze technology to deliver rich ions, so allergens, smoke and pollutants are forced away by the negative ions. It is your ideal traveling companion.

Air Ionizers (Negative Ion Generators) for the home are widely used. What about the air you breath in Airplane, Office, Working Place, Library, Public Transportation, Movie Theater

Personal Ionizer - can improve air quality, create wellness, reduce airborne Bacteria, and promote a more positive state of mind.

Power - one AA battery