Sound Therapy Tuning Forks OHM Set of 2

Sound Therapy Tuning Forks OHM Set of 2

Sound therapy tuning forks

Sound therapy #1 Set of Two Sound therapy #1 Set of Two

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The Luna Tuning Forks are considered a more advanced application. Their use builds upon an understanding of the therapeutic application of Ohm and its octaves. It is widely accepted the moon rules the water element.

Our bodies are primarily water and naturally responsive to lunar influences. Because of this relationship, the Mid and Low Luna 5th are excellent choices for treating conditions of fluid retention, sinus and lung congestion, arthritis and chronic joint pain. The application of the Luna Tuning Forks, particularly when combined with Ohm to create the Planetary 5th, helps to gently disperse as well as gently build fluids. This process is more deeply facilitated throughout the meridian system by the opening and generative capabilities of the 5th. The sound wave created by the Luna Tuning Forks makes a more specific energetic opening possible. Luna gently penetrates to further open, thus dispersing obstruction and stasis, freeing the Qi and activating the body's central energetic pathways. Package includes: Mid Luna Tuning Fork (210.42 hz), Low Luna Tuning Fork (105.21 hz) and an Instructional Booklet