Epidural Spinal Injection Manikin

Epidural Spinal Injection Model Simulator Manikin Trainer

Spinal Injection Simulator

NPBP61 Epidural Spine Injection Simulator Model NPBP61 Epidural Spine Injection Simulator Model

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This epidural and spinal injection simulator trainer is very impressive thanks to its extremely realistic haptic feedback, and the use of high-quality, hard-wearing materials.

Thanks to close cooperation with epidural anesthesia specialists, incomparably realistic conditions could be recreated.

The light, compact structure can be used in a wide variety of ways. The device has low operating costs and is intuitive to use, ensuring lasting, high-level performance.

Spinal injection techniques include:

epidural anesthesia using the loss-of-resistance and the hanging-drop technique

spinal anesthesia with realistic resistance of the dura and arachnoid mater with or without a cannula

fluid-filled spinal canal with realistic outflow rate thanks to the ability to adjust the excess pressure

an epidural catheter can be inserted into the epidural space

closed water system

easy to clean

Include: 1 x base body

1 x vertebral bar

1 x LOR insert (loss-of-resistance)

1 x skin

1 x spinal canal with connector

1 x water collection container

1 x 10 cm tube

2 x 100 ml injections with cap

1 x spacer ring for injection

1 x extension tube for the hanging-drop technique

1 x CD with instructions

The trainer is suitable for both medical training and for specialist medical training. Optional: Spinal Replaceable Parts Skin Kit - Optional

Wt: 11lb, Size: 17.7" x 13 x 8 x 9.4"