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NP1446RI104 Sinus lift 7 Implants 2 bridges model NP1446RI104 Sinus lift 7 Implants 2 bridges model

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Dental model with sinuses implants, bridges, sinuses lift, 3 veneers. Model include: 7 Implants, sinuses lift, 2 bridges, 3 veneers, 30 degree angle implants, screws, nerves, anatomically rooted teeth.

All 5 popular techniques in one! Excellent dental restoration combo model, include most popular dentistry restoration - cosmetic techniques practiced in dental offices.

Upper and lower jaws, upper hinge articulated, transparent clear base. Used for dental students education, patient presentation restoration cosmetic model.

Show it to your patients and Increase your dental office practice. Improve and support professional confidence, doctor-patient communication  

Mandibular lower arch shows: full denture on 4 Implants with the posterior Implants at a 30 degree angle to simulate the "all on four", screws, also shows the nerves. 

Maxillary arch shows: Sinuses lift, 3 Implants, 2 Bridges, 3 Veneers on central incisors, 1Unit Implant supported tooth on the Central, 3 Units on standard Bridge, 3 Units on Implants supported Bridge. 

Used in dental schools for teaching students dental techniques and restoration cosmetic procedures. Also for patients education, presentation. Increase dental office practice.

Comes on a transparent clear stand