Dental Piezoelectric Scaler

Dental Piezoelectric Scaler

Piezoelectric Scaler

ASE-ASC12 Piezoelectric Scaler ASE-ASC12 Piezoelectric Scaler

Buyamag INC


Delivers Superior World Class State Of The Art Technology & Performance. Microcomputer Controlled. Dependable, Keyboard features a Touch Control Panel, User Friendly easy operating programming treatments.


  • Wide assortment of use, including: Hygiene, Periodontal & Endodontic scaling applications
  • 16 Power levels (5 power boost settings)
  • Programmable preset buttons
  • Compatible with a wide assortment of scaler tips (M3 x 0.6 thread pattern)
  • Auto-sensing global voltage compatibility
  • AE-7PM 360° touch, weighted footswitch
  • Auto-detects frequency range: 27-34 kHz
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Shipping Weight -- 12lbs.


Used in Dental Offices, educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training .