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Chinese Pain Relieving Patch Herb-Vantage Warming Patches -Plasters 1 Pkg 5 Patches

Warming Patches pkg 5

Herbvantage Pain Relieving 5 Patches Pack Herbvantage Pain Relieving 5 Patches Pack

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Chinese patches treat pain quickly and effectively using the combined power of Chinese herbs and menthol with the Herb-Vantage Pain Relieving Patch. Use these patches to provide all-natural, fast-acting, Deep Penetration, long-lasting relief from: sore muscles, backaches, and arthritis. Especially developed for the Herb-Vantage, this Chinese herbal formula clears heat, resolves toxin, disperses swelling, dispels wind and damp, quickens and cools the blood, quickens the collaterals, and frees the channels. Featuring warm, cool, and cold herbs, it is balanced enough to treat all three stages of trauma: First stage: Where heat and swelling are prominent, the patch's functions that clear heat, disperse swelling, and move blood and qi are most important. Lasts up to 8 Hours.

Second stage: The herbs in the patch that move blood and qi are suitable where heat and swelling are reduced but stasis of blood and qi remain.

Third stage: The formula may be applied to chronic third-stage disorders where wind-damp aching joints are the main symptom.

Each patch measures 3"x4", uses no artificial colors, is latex-free, and may be used for up to 8 hours. Available in packages 1 Package include 5 Patches