Kidney With Vessels 2 Part

Kidney With Vessels 2 Part

Kidney With Vessels B-K22.1 Kidney With Vessels B-K22.1

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This Kidney Model shows the Kidneys with Suprarenal Glands, the outgoing Ureters, the renal vessels and the large vessels situated close to the Kidneys in natural size.

The front half of the right kidney can be removed to reveal the renal pelvis, the renal calices, the renal cortex and the renal medulla.

On stand.


  • Suprarenal Glands
  • Outgoing Ureters
  • Renal Vessels
  • Large Vessels
  • Front half of the right Kidney can be removed:
  • reveal the Renal Pelvis, Renal Calices, Renal Cortex and the Renal Medulla

Size: 21 x 18 x 28 cm.