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Maintenance free, will last for many decades, easy to install. This Two Magnetic Water Pipe Magnets 18.000 gauss each, will fit pipes of any size, and any material.  User Friendly, Easy installation

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

Magnetic Waterpencil. Magnetized water Cup.

BUY-A-MAG Waterpencil. Magnetized water has therapeutic effects on the body's digestive, nervous

 Magnetic Water Pencil or Polarity Identifier



Place your 1600 gauss "Magnetic Water Pencil", Magnetic end (indicated on photo by orange glow) down into a glass of water or any beverage. Allow it to remain there one to three minutes, stirring once or twice. After removing the "Magnetic Water Pencil"  wipe it dry.

People fond of ALCOHOLIC drinks experienced that the taste of their watered whiskey was very much enriched. Use polarized water in soup, tea, coffee and cooking. You can take the pencil with you on picnics, to restaurants, to the office and on trips.

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Do not use magnets if you are fitted with pace maker, DEFIBRILLATOR or during pregnancy. The medical evaluation of your physician is advised at all times. Any self-help application is the responsibility of the user. Magnets can erase video, music, and computer data. Buy-a-Mag does not make or imply any medical claims on products described.

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