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This magnetic cup 8oz. Ceramic White interior in SH-Intense and surrounded by 4 Super Powerful Biomagnets 3000 gauss each Biomagnetic Unit are strategically positioned: 2 Between Walls ( Opposite Sides) 1-in the Cap, and 1-in the Bottom, without contacting the water. The Magnetic Induction in the Magnetic Cup center is Super High-Intense ( SH-Intense ), Uniformed, Balanced. The latest technology with Advanced Magnetic Shield is applied in this SH-Intense Magnetic Cup. This helps concentrate SH-Intense Magnetic Field Energy in the center of the Magnetic Cup, by avoiding leakage of Magnetic Induction . SH-Intense Magnetic Field Energy in The Magnetic Cup delivers fast beverage treatment and results. This SH-Intense Magnetic Cup with it's exceptional technology, will effectively treat Cold or Hot Beverages in only 10 Seconds by stirring the beverage with a Spoon (included with the cup)). Or keep the SH-Intense Magnetic Cup always full and refill after drinking . SH-Intense Magnetic Cup is the best Magnetic Energizing Cup ever built !

Ancient Wisdom - Modern Use

For centuries Chinese used Magnetized Water, Beverages, on a regular basis, they used Life Water to receive desired natural responds from the body to improve; Wellness Balancing Body Energies. The Human body is 75% Water, so it is important to have 3/4 of the Body Clean, Energized, Bacteria Free Naturally, From a Natural Source!. Prof. Holgan Hannemann in his Book magnetic Therapy. Height - 6, Diameter - 3.5, Weight - 1.5 lbs., Volume - 8 oz., Portable, 4 Super Power Biomagnets 3000 gauss each, Ceramic White Interior, Sealed screw-on cap, Stirring Spoon.

holding Water, Juice, Herbal Teas, Oils, in the SH-Intense Magnetic Cup for a minimum 5 minutes, the Molecules in liquid beverage become restructured. Life Energy from 4 Super Power Biomagnets (3000 gauss each), charge the Liqud beverage and enriches it with negative ions. This promotes alkalinity and increases the amount of oxygen in the beverage for organism cells consumption.

  • Another important benefit is: the liquid's surface tension is lowered, which makes the beverage Absorption much easier through the Body's Membranes. This is the condition the Water originally has when naturally stored in the Earth.

  • Magnetic Energy Super Cup used for Magnetizing - Energizing Water, Juices, Herb Teas Natural Homeopathic Remedies, Oils, and Creams.

  • The 4 Biomagnets build in this Super Cup are made from Natural Material and has a Life Time Guaranty to Never Loose it's Magnetic Properties.

  • The inside of this Magnetic Cup is: Non - Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Non - Inert but Natural Ceramic Material.


Magnetic Waterpencil. Magnetized water Cup.

magneic Water pencil. Magnetized water for digestive, nervous system

 Magnetic Water Pencil or Polarity Identifier



Place your 1600 gauss "Magnetic Water Pencil", Magnetic end (indicated on photo by orange glow) down into a glass of water or any beverage. Allow it to remain there one to three minutes, stirring once or twice. After removing the "Magnetic Water Pencil"  wipe it dry.

People fond of ALCOHOLIC drinks experienced that the taste of their watered whiskey was very much enriched. Use polarized water in soup, tea, coffee and cooking. You can take the pencil with you on picnics, to restaurants, to the office and on trips.

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