Why Polarius Magnetic Shoes

Our ancient ancestors realized without the aid of science that humans are a microcosm of the large universe. Ancient Chinese healers discovered the qi force that flows through all things, including the human body, and its polarities of yin and yang. The ancient Greek physician Galen regarded the human body as comprised of four humours, which were microcosmic versions of the world's four elements. As science progresses into the 16th century, Paracelus, knowing nothing of the Chinese discovery of qi, identified an archaeus (from the Ancient Greek word arche, which means origin,) as the animating force that pervades all things, including human bodies. Ancient physicians from China, India, and Greece realized the power of the body to heal itself by bringing itself back into its natural balance, which coincided with the earth's balance. The Chinese practiced acupuncture with the application of magnetic stones at specific sites of the body referred to as meridians. Indians applied ashmana and siktavati, which were instruments of stone, to induce harmonious relations between bodies and the earth. Paracelus used magnets to redress ailments caused by archaeus imbalances.

We now know that our wise forebears were using the power of magnets to heal the human body and to alleviate its pain by allowing the body to equilibrate. Until only recently have we begun to reinvestigate the healing properties of magnets and realize more profoundly the magnetic and electrical fields of our bodies, even at the cellular level. We now understand that magnets affect chemical process in cells, stimulate acupuncture points or meridians, affect nerve signals, activate blood and lymph circulation. There are reports that magnets have curative effects and that magnetic treatment energizes the body's systems, and accelerates the body's vigor.