www.buyamag Inc. established in 1995 and we provide dental education products: dental models simulators, manikins, phantoms, posters charts for dental education and training. Our Dentistry education training models and supply used in dental colleges, dental schools, courses for knowledge experience gaining in dental techniques. medical related items used in the training of future health professionals, case presentations and in-office staff training. Also we have a large line of dental patient education, this line includes: display of teeth implantation, broken teeth, orthodontic models with different type of brackets, periodontal disease model, bridges crown, endodontic techniques and procedures. Students training line includes: X-Ray manikin, orthodontic ligature tying model, dental techniques training simulator system. This systems can use a compatible typodonts for dental students for hands-on experience in classes on life-like dental systems. We do offer a dental hygiene and assisting training system. For doctors patients demonstration we provide displays posters charts of dental disease and hygiene include: endodontic teeth, partial denture, full dentition models, teeth preparation, diseased teeth, caries, cavity tooth, periodontal model, dental anatomy posters, hygiene posters, veneer models and poster, cleaning, scaling charts. We carrying only superb quality, life-like Demonstration presentation displays for Patient Education, explaining fixed and removable prosthetic devices: implants-over dentures-crown & bridge-perio etc. High-quality standard and custom-made Periodontal, Orthodontic, X-Ray Simulators Training Dental models are invaluable for: science, new invention prototype developing, pharmaceutical, laboratories, legal presentations, treatment acceptance, sales promotions, and illustrating specialized techniques.

Buyamag Inc. supply anatomical models, and medical simulators to: healthcare professionals, health educational schools, chiropractors, medical doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, naturopaths, massage therapists, and legal professionals with anatomically correct anatomical models, this has been a chief concern of the Buyamag Inc. Making sure the product you receive will help you now and in the future, whether it be in the learning stages of your career, or as a professional in the fields of Healthcare, Education, or Law. Much research has gone into the selection of the Anatomical Models Products shown here and we will continue to research all new prototypes of future released Anatomical Models Simulators. Complete Selection of Anatomical Models Simulators for Medical Education, Training, and Science Includes: Gynecological Simulators & Examination, Childbirth Manikin, CPR Models, Women's Health Simulation, Men's Health & Prostate Examination, Colonoscopy Simulation, Endoscopy Simulation & Manikin, Heart Catheterization Angiogram, Skulls, Skeletons, Orthopedic Display, Arm Foot, Knee, Elbow, Hand, Esophagus, Brain, Eye, Lumbar, Cervical, Birth Control, Condom Training, Bladder Catheterization, Airway Emergency, Vascular Access, Male Circumcision, Pelvis, Digestive Intubation, Torso, Shoulder. We will continue to carry only superb quality ANATOMICAL MODELS For Research Labs, Educational Colleges, Schools and Healthcare Professionals

Our head office and Distribution Warehouse Center is located at 2380 "D" Camino Vida Roble, CA, 92011, USA. This location handles all Retail and Wholesale Sales, Warehouse for USA and International shipments. Being based in Southern California places us in a true center of Medical & Dental Educational Simulators, Manikins and Models, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture Supply. Our company is a leading distributor and manufacturer of the finest quality Medical Educational Models, Health and Magnetic Therapy Products. For over 22 years we have worked tirelessly to reach our educational goals. We are certified by the International School of Magnetic Therapy in Canada. We are active members of North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy. We regularly attend numerous yearly conventions on Magnetic Therapy. At Buyamag Inc. we are constantly expanding our knowledge, exploring new products and reviewing studies made by medical doctors and health care professionals who practice magnetic therapy along with orthodox medicine. We remain in constant touch with medical professionals such as Ph.D. Dr. Ronald Lawrence, William Pawluk MD, Dr. Marko Markoff, Ph.D.. We have also selected a large library of scientific and practical books (possibly the largest collection on the Internet) written by scientists and doctors on the subject of magnetic therapy. These books are available in our catalog for the general public and professionals alike. Our books are a rich source of reference and educational information and are very popular with thousands of people who are searching for natural alternatives for a healthy, pain-free, energetic life. Magnets are intended to be a non-medical pain treatment alternative, used for increasing blood circulation. It represents an effective "invisible force", appealing to millions of people throughout the globe. Our company is constantly in the search of super magnetic products to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. We are proud to present a truly diversified product line for holistic wellness and harmony. We supply both the general public and health care professionals.

Our Educational Medical & Dental Catalog features 1000 Educational & Training Simulation Products. This includes a large variety of healthcare professional supplies and equipment for health professionals, and a large diversified line of quality Acupuncture & Magnetic Therapy Health Products.

In 2006 we moved to new Lager Facility Location ( see bellow)

General Product Refund and Repair Policy

All of our products have a 30 day factory guarantee against manufacturing defects and 15 days on shipping damage. If you receive the product with shipping damage, or it's the wrong size, please immediately return the product to us for exchange during first 15 days from the date you received it. If you receive the product with a manufacturer defect, please immediately return the product for exchange (no longer then 30 days) in non-used condition along with your invoice of the purchase and a short explanatory note. We do not except models back for payment refund. We do not refund for return shipping expanses. We do not take back or refund payments for: PERSONAL WEAR PRODUCTS, NEEDLES, ACUPUNCTURE PRODUCTS, EMS TENS MACHINES, ELECTRODES, OR OTHER ELECTRIC MACHINES: GRINDERS, LAMPS, HUMIDIFIERS, CAPSULE FILLER MACHINES, PILL MAKING MACHINES, X-Ray Protection Aprons, OR MEDICAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES.


We do repair factory defective products during guaranty time. The product should be purchased form us. Customer pay for shipping cost both ways. Please include a copy of purchase Invoice, Return address, Phone # with the returned product for repair.

Anatomical & Dental Models Returns Policy

Dear Customers, thank you for your orders of Superb Quality Anatomical & Dental Models and your patronage of our company. All models are made as realistic (Function, Color, and Materials) as they can be. Made by the best Professional Craftsmanship, Design, Details, Materials and to the fullest satisfaction of the most demanding Healthcare Schools, Institutions, Laboratories and Professionals.

On our web pages, we provide explicit Pictures and Specifications for each individual Anatomical Model for your review. All our Anatomical Dental Models carry ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

We will REPLACE or EXCHANGE any Anatomical Dental Model you receive with shipping damage during first 12 days after received

Cancellation of a Special Order Model - fee 25% of model total cost + shipping costs.

Models shipped to us for repair, service, maintenance has to be prepaid for shipping cost

To return a model for exchange, service or other ( approved with us ) should be shipped in 12 days after receive it, and include: the original invoice, explanatory note, in adequately repackaged box.

Absolutely: No Refunds, NOT Accepted for Return: Anatomical, Dental Simulators, Models, Manikins Specially With Excuses Like Bellow:

  • "My assistant ordered without my permission."
  • "My secretary ordered it and I don't need it."
  • "I have a model like this already."
  • "Do not match my standard"
  • "The model does not have function or size I expected."
  • "I ordered this by mistake."
  • "Legal or professional presentation is completed."
  • "I don't need this model any more."
  • "The model is not what I had expected."
  • "Model cannot be used for intended purpose."
  • "Model has a color I did not expect."
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