Magnetic Health & Beauty Mask Information

The Theory Behind Magnetic Masks.

Over the past centuries it has been proven that iron is attracted to a magnet. Each red blood cell in the body contains iron. Iron is attracted to the area where the magnets are and will increase the flow of blood to that given area. Increase of blood supply to any given part of the body will also help to revitalize and re-nourish the issues. This will make the skin to soften and wrinkles to diminish.

The elastic band provided is oversized so that it be adjusted to any desired length. For cleaning the mask, alcohol or a damp cloth is recommended.

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Magnets are strategically located at the various facial acupressure points as diagrammed.

1. Headache, sinus problems, facial paralysis, eye diseases, twitching of the eyelids, film over eyes, facial spasm and vertigo.

2. Toothache, epislaxix, facial paralysis, pain and swelling of lips and cheeks, film over eyes, glaucoma, keratitis, myopia, and neuralgia of face.

3. Stimulates pituitary gland, hay fever, headache, indigestion, ulcer pains & eyestrain. Also nervousness, chest congestion, insomnia.

4. Adrenalin point, shock, heart stroke, lumbago, and facial paralysis. Eye strain, eye tension, conjunctivitis, keratitis, lacrimation, myopia and optic nerve atrophy.

5. Irritated and dry eyes, headache, facial paralysis and eye diseases.

6. Tooth ache, salivation, facial paralysis and swelling of gums.

7. Trigeminal neuralgia and facial paralysis.

8. Simple headaches, blurring of vision, redness and swelling of the eyes, and lacrimation. Wear The Magnetic Health & Beauty Mask for 30 minutes a day. Magnets are strategically located in the mask to coincide with wrinkle lines & also to tone the facial muscles.


As we grow older, the facial muscles lose their elasticity, allowing the facial skin to sag and pouch. Regular problems include slack neck skin, sagging chin linesand wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

a. FRONTALIS - Lifts eyebrows, support skin of forehead

b. ORBICULARIS OCULI - Closes the eyes and draws skin of forehead, temple, cheeks, and around the eyes.

c. & d. LEVATOR LABII SUPERIORIS - Dilates the nostrils and turns out the upper lip. Tightens the nasal skin.

e. & f. ZYGOMATICUS MAJOR & MINOR - Lifts the mouth upwards and outwards and elevates the upper lip. Supports skin around the upper mouth and cheek.

g. ORBICULARIS ORIS - Controls and closes lips. Pulls in the skin of upper and lower mouth.

h. DEPRESSOR ANGULORIS - Opens the mouth, tightening the skin on side of chin and mouth.

i. DEPRESSOR LABII INFERIORIS - Draws lower lip downwards and laterally firms up chin and lower mouth sides.

J. BUCCINATOR - Compresses the cheeks and supports surface skin.

k. MASSETER - Lifts the jaw and firms up skin.

l. & m. PLATYSMA - Widens and pulls down the mouth.

n. STERNOCLEIDOMASTOID - Controls head movement, pulls in skin on side of neck.