Massager With 16 Acupressure Rollers & Embedded With 32 Magnets

Magnetic Therapy Pulsating Field & Acupressure

Pulse Magnetic Massager Model MS-32

The Pulse Magnetic Massager contains 16 Acupressure Wheels and 32 Neodymium Magnets ( two magnets in each wheel ). When the Massager is rolled on the body the Magnets Spinning, and Creating a Deep Penetrating Magnetic Field. Creates beneficial magnetic field 4" from surface of rollers. This Magnetic Field Combine Acupressure Wheels - increase Blood Circulation and Promote Body Wellness.

To use this Manual Massager, grip the handle and roll it over the various parts of the body. Because of its advanced Suspension Design and construction, the Acupressure Wheels maintain contact with the body's surface at virtually all the times. The Pulse Magnetic Massager is Heavy Duty Constructed and confidently carries a full one (1) year limited warranty.

Warning: Those with pacemakers should first check with their physician before using this product. In addition, the massager should not be used by pregnant women

It does not require batteries or electricity.