dental model typodont 32 teeth

32 Teeth Typodont Dental Replacement Model Practice Training

NPRD95SDP200 dental model Typodont 32 Teeth NPRD95SDP200 dental model Typodont 32 Teeth

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32 teeth typodont model replacement teeth DP articulated with soft gingivae, upper and lower jaws, DP articulator. Used in dental schools for techniques practice training and gain professional experience in dentistry.

Model used by students to simulate a patient for dental techniques training in schools setting. It is possible to perform various types of training effectively: drilling, cavities filling .....

Typodont: with screw retained 32 teeth, DP articulator, soft pink gingivae

By combining with chair mount and dental simulator-manikin head you can effectively practice complete circle of dental treatment & techniques training with the focus on safety, professional reliability, and quickness

Optional: head simulator - order separately