female contraception model

Female Contraception Model Teaching Training Life-Size Birth Control 3D Demonstrator

NPCH Female Contraceptive Model Condom Trainer Teaching Simulator NPCH Female Contraceptive Model Condom Trainer Teaching Simulator

Buyamag INC


Female contraceptive pelvic life-size model best visual & hands-on demonstrator to Demonstrate Variety of female contraception Tools: Ring, Sponge, IUD, Cap, Condom .... It opens Book-Like, and shows the female anatomy, physiology and reproductive organs. Great Simulator tool for Teens & adults educational & Training Female birth control, Safe Sex and Testing. This is an excellent three-dimensional model for demonstrating proper Insertion & Positioning the female condom or contraceptive Sponge. Also, it can be used to show how and where to Place: Cap, Contraceptive Creams, Foams, Gels, IUD correct Insertion. Back of the model Connected with a hinge, allow allow instructor to showing inside female reproductive organs: uterus, tubes. Hand painted, made of soft rubber material, and feels life-like. Model shows external and Internal female organs: uterus with Cut-A-Way, fallopian tubes, ovaries, myometrium, perimetrium, cervical, vagina, ovaries.

Female Contraceptive Education Model Model