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Horse supplement nutritional feed for allergy respiratory system lungs health and breathe easy

15SRB05S 20 Days Small Smooth Run Breathe 15SRB05S 20 Days Small Smooth Run Breathe

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Horse allergy supplement feed Smooth Run Breathe nutrition was formulated to support optimum lungs function and maintain the integrity of healthy respiratory tract system and treat symptoms of respiratory distress caused by allergens or exertion.

This formula is most effective during time of respiratory distress, exposure to known allergens, or bouts of coughing and/or relief from asthmatic symptoms. Customers have reported using Smooth Run Breathe with great success with horses where there is bleeding in the lungs due to capillary break down, common after demanding exercise or intensive training.

A nutritional supplement for horse comprehensive respiratory support

Smooth Run Plus Breathe is formulated to:

Support and maintain respiratory health

Provide Support against allergies

Combat environmental pollutants

Provide support against environmental toxins

Support stamina, endurance and recovery

Valerian root and Chamomile flower are not approved for use in some competitive venues. Be sure to administer this supplements at the appropriate time and always check with your show officials for specific restrictions.

Active Ingredients Per Serving (per 24g): Scoop Included - Proprietary Digestion Enhancer achieve H blend- 12,000mg, Saccharomyces serevisiae- min. 50 billion, Colostrum Proline Rich Polypeptides- 3,000mg, Bioactive Proteins- 4,000, Yucca Schidigera extract- 1,8000, Vitamin-C- 1,000mg, Ginger Root powder pure- 1,000mg, Herbgest Proprietary Blend-3,050mg

Your Horses Deserve Be Allergy Free And Best Respiratory Supplement You Can Provide

Everyone loves a great polo match, a spot enjoyed around the world for centuries. One way to ensure your polo pony has the stamina and agility to carry its rider smoothly and swiftly after the ball, chukker to chukker is to add Smooth Run Equine nutritional supplements to their daily diet.

Smooth Run Breathe uses all-natural ingredients, like colostrum and proprietary enzymes, to keep airways open during heavy exercise and immediately following hard play.

Smooth Run PRO our “all in one” supplement helps to support and maintain a balanced immune system which is the foundation for a good healthy horse. Smooth Run Pro contains high levels of probiotics, digestive enzyme, colosturm which helps support gastrointestinal health and improves nutrient absorbs which is key to a horse performing at this level. In addition joint support, respiratory support and aid in recovery are all a benefits your horse will realize when using Smooth Run Pro.

Additional supplement to consider:

Smooth Run Gastro is ideal for horses that respond poorly to environmental changes, such as traveling to and from a venue, who may stop eating temporarily – and at a time when fuel is so important.