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Adult Dental Techniques Training 32 Soft Gingivae Model

NPDFSMPVR860 Adult Training Techniques Dentoform NPDFSMPVR860 Adult Training Techniques Dentoform

Buyamag INC


Soft Rubber gingivae, screw-in teeth. Upper & Lower Jaw, Articulated Soft Gingiva, with Replaceable Ivorine? Numbered Teeth and Front Screws for Mounting Rubber Dams, Articulated 32 Teeth Typodont, Removable Melamine Teeth, Metal Pole DP Mount Articulator with Class 1 occlusion. Functional Dental Training Manikin to simulate a patient, for practicing students in Dental Schools, Colleges setting. Dental Techniques can be performed: Cutting, Drilling, Filling, Crown, Bridges.... Promotes procedural skills, experience in practicing performing Dental Techniques of any institution. This Dental Model used in Dental Labs and Medical Schools by teachers and students, with educational programs for easy understanding and learning Dental Anatomy and pathology. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations. Will Fit to any Manikins/Simulators on our web pages.