dental x-ray model typodont

Replacement Dental Teeth X-Ray Model Radiopaque For Manikin Simulators

NPDF Dental X-Ray Adult Model Typodont for Practice simulator NPDF Dental X-Ray Adult Model Typodont for Practice simulator

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Replacement dental X-Ray model typodont radiopaque include:

32 Metal Teeth, and Latex Tongue. Radio-opaque Jaws Fully Articulates, Mounted on Magnetic Quick Disconnect Trays with Sliding Clamps.

This typodont model used for practice in dental schools x-ray teeth examination, and produce patient life-like teeth film images

 Compatible with dental x-ray manikin simulators phantom head for practicing X-Ray procedure training in dental schools or at home.

Head, Chair, Bench or Floor Mounts, Mouth close mechanism shown on Photos - NOT INCLUDED please order separately.

Promotes X-Ray procedural skills, experience in practicing performing Dental X-Ray Techniques of any institution. This Dental Model used in Dental Labs and Medical Schools by teachers and students, with educational programs for easy understanding and learning Dental X-Ray. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations.

Spring held anatomical joint articulator with mounting ring. Adaptable to any pole mount used in dental schools and is supplied standard with school models. Model fit to X-RAY Manikins/Simulators on our web pages.