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Room Ionic Air Purifier Or Personal Wearable Ionizing Purifier

Room Ionic Air Purifier Room Ionic Air Purifier

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                                 Room Ionic Air Purifier

Room Ionic Air Purifier uses the wonders of miniature technology to imitate nature’s ionization process in one of the most portable, efficient and economical personal air purifiers available. Small enough to use in any room, yet powerful enough to clean large air spaces.

Beginning the moment you plug it in, the releases a powerful steam of 3.4 trillion ions per second into the air in a pulsing “on-off” cycle. During the “on” cycle, powerful vortex waves of ions are electronically swirled into the air at a rate of 150 feet per minute, effectively washing the air of even the most microscopic pollutants. Mean­while, a built-in ion detector monitors ion production levels. During the “off” cycle, the ionized pollutants fall harmlessly to the foam collector pad on the Vl-3500 or to the floor. The pollutants are removed during your normal vacuuming and dusting, and when you wipe the pad clean.

  • Helps purify the air of dust, allergens, viruses, mold spores, odors and smoke.
  • For rooms up to 800 square feet (40’ x 20’).
  • Easy setup and filterless.
  • Can help fatigue, eye strain, irritability and headaches.
  • Airflow output exchange rate of 150 feet per minute.
  • Outputs 3.4 trillion ions per second.
  • Specifically designed to not interrupt computer systems.
  • Absolutely silent, fanless- no motor noise
  • No Filters to change. Set it and forget it.

Include Universal all countries adapter. Must use adapter provided with the unit.


                 Personal Wearable Ionic Air Purifier

Personal wearable ionic air purifier USB rechargeable Air Supply®. With 28 hours of run time per charge, this ultra light weight, wearable unit propels cleaner, fresher and healthier air into your personal breathing zone. Created especially to help sufferers who want to breathe more easily when they travel. Ounce for ounce the outperforms the competition and is top of the line in personal air purification.

With an advanced plasma discharge design, the comes with solid platinum emitter and stainless steel grid. This personal air purifier Air Supply® Rechargeable also comes with a breakaway strap for user safety. Benefit from a decade of advanced research from the pioneer in ionic wearable air purification.

  • Rechargeable! No more expensive batteries to buy.
  • Helps defend against Coronavirus sized particles.
  • 28 hours of run time per charge, charges via USB cable.
  • Propels cleaner fresher air into your personal breathing zone.
  • Defends against viruses, whether mutated or not.
  • Portable, ultra light, mini and wearable.
  • Most air pollutants and contaminants are destroyed or forced away from wearer.
  • Ideal for air travel, movie theaters, waiting rooms or any confined space.
  • Silent, fan-less, filterless and maintenance free technology.
  • Platinum permanent emitter vs. noisy carbon emitter that needs replacement.