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Arm Hand Wrist Elbow Model Muscled 7 Parts Deluxe

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Premium Life-Size Muscled Arm separates in 7 Parts is a high quality Anatomical Representation of Human Muscular Arm Anatomy. This model features 6 removable muscles, each with incredible detail allowing users to not only learn all of the major muscle groups of the human arm, but the intricate details of each individual muscle and how it interacts with the rest of the muscle groups. The life size scale gives students amazing access to deep layers of tissues and vessels, and when combined with the comprehensive, full color product manual, students can learn to positively identify hundreds of critical anatomical features in the human arm anatomy. Mounted on an veneer plastic base with sturdy steel supports, this anatomy model also makes a great demonstration and patient education tool. Model weighs approximately 9 pounds and measures roughly 29 inches long x 11.5 inches tall.  Made of high-quality PVC plastic.

Weight ----- 9 pounds.      Size: 29 inches long x 12 inches tall