diabetic leg model arterial unsufficiency

Diabetic Arterial Insufficiency Leg Wound Model Gangrene Ulcer Foot Cellulitis Pyoderma Fungal Toes Callous Heal Fissures Amputation Hummer Toe Neuropathy Eschar Hill Necrotic Toe ....

Arterial Insufficiency Leg Model
NPSB50122 Arterial Leg Insufficiency Leg NPSB50122 Arterial Leg Insufficiency Leg

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Optional Table Display Stand
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Diabetic foot model leg features: gangrene arterial insufficiency wounds model, associated with arterial Disease Insufficiency of Blood Circulation, and other Wounds, and Pathologies on the lower Leg & foot are often extremely painful for the patient, thus adding urgency to their effective and efficient identification and treatment.

Arterial Insufficiency Leg™ Displays the following Wounds, Conditions: Arterial Ulcers, Necrotic Toes, Eschar Heel, Charcot Foot, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Neuropathic Ulcer, Fungal Thickened Toes, Cellulitis, Dystrophic Nail, Mottling Skin, Pyroderma Gangrenosum, Amputated Toe, Ulcer Toe, Calciphylaxis, Hummer Toe, Callous and Heel Fissures.

Model can also be used as a Teaching Tool and Practice Leg for clinicians Nursing Training. Arterial Venous Insufficiency Leg Model actually pivots on a Table Display Stand ( Optional ): to create a realistic experience in supporting the Leg while Practicing: Dressing Changes, or Identifying Conditions and Doppler Sounds. Stand permits Leg to be secured in vertical position for times for training, learning. Also permits to be Rotated a full 360 degrees for best Trauma Visualisation.

Model Also includes a unique Arterial Doppler Sound Module with individual buttons to Activate the following Doppler Sounds: Monophasic, Biphasic, Triphasic, and Venous. Build-in Audio Output jack for use External Sound Systems - helpful with large group auditory. Stand not included ( optional ). Life Size: 26" x 8"