atlas axis cervical vertebrae model

Atlas/Axis Set Giant Model Cervical Vertebrae

NPZ4083 Giant Atlas Axis Set Model N-Z4083 NPZ4083 Giant Atlas Axis Set Model N-Z4083

Buyamag INC


Atlas axis cervical vertebrae model is highly realistic detailed showing the Atlas, Axis and 3rd Cervical Vertebra in relation to the Occipital. All 4 peaces ( base of Skull, and 4 vertebra ) can be easy taken a part and assembled together with Flexible Cord. It is twice life-size and mounted on elastic cord to allow movement and flexibility.

This Unique model is used in medical orthopedic labs, schools, educational programs by teachers and students for easy to learn and understand human anatomy structure, function, pathology. Also used in doctors offices and legal presentations.

Size: 7.5" x 5" x 5"