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Magnetic Therapy Be Wise - Vigor Energizing Chips - VEC Magnetize!

VEC Vigor Energizing Chips 2 pc. Box
VEC Two Vigor Energising Magnetic Chips Circulation Magnets VEC Two Vigor Energising Magnetic Chips Circulation Magnets

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Magnetic therapy to increase circulation, vigor, energy and personality & performance!

Ancient wisdom - Modern Use

Vigor Energizing Chips (VEC)

VEC Vigor Energizing Chips 2 pc. Box $49.99

Each Box Contains Two Chips, For Him and For Her

For centuries the Chinese Asian Countries used Magnetic Therapy for Increase circulation wellness & feel energetic.  Applied them to the areas where the blood circulation is needed the most.

Vigor Energizing Chips (VEC)


Wellness, energy, blood circulation, stamina, wellness, energy & balance for Him and Her


Dr. Nakagawa, MD in his book " MAGNETIC DEFICIENCY SYNDROME": High-tech stressful industrial age surrounds us with microwaves, high voltage wires, computers, TV screens, appliances, cars, etc. They disrupt our connection with energy sources, and may develop "magnetic deficiency syndrome" in humans.


VEC is the most effective, natural tool to generate our bodies vital bioenergies, disrupted by electronic pollution (EMF). Clear Mind Energy, Relaxation, Harmony, Wellness.


Set of 2, with (VEC) high-tech biomagnetic chips are made with constant biomagnetic field of induction on both sides. VEC's design combines ancient wisdom and natural materials. VEC is light weight, descreet, powerful, Neoprene Enclosed, Optically Neutral, washable and durable. Requires no batteries, no maintenance.


We guarantee that VEC's magnetic energy will never wear out as long as you own it.