orthodontic ligature brackets wires model

Orthodontic Manikin Bench Chair Head-Rest Mount "DP Lock" Orthodontic Model Simulator

Bench Head-Rest Universal Mount
NP1446 Orthodontic Practice Manikin Bench and Chair Hadrest Mount NP1446 Orthodontic Practice Manikin Bench and Chair Hadrest Mount

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Dental Replacement "O Ring - Lock
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Orthodontic manikin model simulator with Universal Bench/Chair Mount with orthodontic model typodont upper lower jaws, 28 teeth and appliances: wires and brackets.

Shipped complete and ready for practice

Universal dental chair/bench mount included:

Heavy Duty Ball-Joint & Pole Mount, rotates a full 360 degrees and attaches easily to any Bench or Desk Top or to Chair Head-Rest.

The Pole 9" Long it attached to a Ball-Joint which allows you to easily rotate it in any direction so that the desired positioning, adjustment of the Dentoform or Simulator/Manikin is achieved (simulating dental chair & patient positioning).

The Pole can then be locked into place once the pole is in the desired position. The "DP-Lock" ( shown on photo ) glides up and down on the Rod, it can be used as a Jaw open/closed DEVICE. "C"- Clamp is adjustable to accept up to 4" Table or Bench.

Orthodontic model used for ligature tying practice training teaching in dental schools. Compact size, Light Weight makes this Manikin: Portable Universal Perfect for use "On-The_Go". Features a Heavy Duty Ball Joint. This Bench & Chair Head-Rest Mount is ideal to attach to Dental Bench or Dental Chair Head-Rest.

Mount Can be fast & easily installed and used in Dental Schools, Dental Labs, Clinics or at Home, so it can be used anytime. Perfect for use on the Base Training or "On-The-Go". Compatible with any Simulator, Manikin.

Shipped complete and ready for practice

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience, training. American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins