Bio-north Flexible Magnets Therapy

Bio-north Flexible Magnets Therapy

flexmag2 A 3" Disk Magnet flexmag2 A 3" Disk Magnet

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Magnetic therapy all bionorth, flexible magnets 0.7" thick , 800 gauss. Features a durable gold foil in the back ( for reflecting biomagnetic field). Front is Bionorth, lined with fine mesh cotton fabric, ( For best comfort and results). This Biomagnets is flexible, can be banded to any shape for best convenience and results. Durable material. Bio Magnets Designed to deliver the most beneficial parallel magnetic pattern.

A. 3" Dia. Disk $35.50
B. 1.5" Dia. Disk $22.99
C. 2.0" Dia. Disk $25.99
D. 4"x6" Plate $43.50
E. 2"x3.5" Card $36.50
3 Rubber Soft Straps $29.00
To hold in place magnets use Flexible Rubber Soft Straps