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Anatomical Model Academy Skeleton Model Painted Muscle Insertion Organs Deluxe

Buyamag INC


Anatomical correct model life-size 6' Tall Skeleton. X-Ray Radiopaque Bones. Calvarium is cut with moveable Jaw mounted on springs. Skeleton disarticulates into twelve pieces. Right side of Skeleton hand-painted and lettered to show Muscle origins and insertions. Skull features removable Calvarium cap for Neurocranial studies. Skull features breakaway Maxilla revealing Paranasal Sinuses supported by spring-mounted detachable Mandible. Bones of one hand and one foot on opposite sides articulated with springs for joint flexibility. Both Hips Disarticulate with ball and socket joint. Deluxe Male Pelvis hinged and Sagittally sectioned so that right hip swings out 45�. Organs removable for specialized study include: Two-part Brain, Lobarlung, Heart (coronally sectioned), Small Intestine, Colon and Mesentery, Stomach (coronally sectioned), Pancreas, Liver, Kidney (one kidney coronary sectioned) Spleen, Hang-up mounting, Articulated with Stainless Steel Wire. Chrome Stand and Study Guide Included

Organs Removable for specialized study include:

  • Two-part Brain
  • Lobar lung
  • Heart (coronally sectioned)
  • Small Intestine
  • Colon and Mesentery
  • Stomach (coronally sectioned)
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Kidney (one kidney coronally sectioned)
  • Spleen
  • X-Ray Radiopaque Bones

Included: Chrome Deluxe full-frame Rolling Stand

Size: 6' Tall.