Biox Dental X-Ray Camera Portable Handheld Wireless Ergonomic Deluxe

Biox Dental X-Ray Camera Portable Handheld Wireless Ergonomic Deluxe

Biox Dental X- Ray Portable
Portable Dental X-Ray Camera Biox Portable Dental X-Ray Camera Biox

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This Light Weight, Portable, Wireless, Easy Friendly to Operate, Powerful, Biox Dental X-Ray Camera Has FDA Clearance. BiOX produces High Quality Images with the Lowest Patient Dosage.

Works perfectly with both all Digital Sensors, and Films, resulting in excellent image quality. The easiest and fastest way to get a quality x-ray image. Since BIOX is the only handheld x-ray with 3.0mA tube current it works with all digital sensors. This Latest Design Handheld X-Ray Camera is the only unit on the market with 3.0 mA tube current.

This Tube Current data insure, the Camera will work with all digital sensors. It is only 4.8 lbs. making it the lightest portable X-Ray unit in the market, and camera features pre-programmed exposure time which makes the operation fast and easy. It is made for dentists and dental assistants to operate with ease. It has simple up and down arrows which adjust exposure time setting by 0.01 seconds and also has micro-computer and specialized circuit that monitors and precisely regulates the exposure technique factors (kV, mA and exposure time). X-Ray Camera deliver - Zero-Leakage Latest Design with Creased Internal Shielding makes it safe and protects the operator from radiation.

Excellent Pictures, Smallest Weight Makes Biox Cameras most desirable X-Ray Portable Camera on the market. The Portable Handheld BiOX X-Ray Camera Eliminates the Difficulty of Maneuvering Conventional Wall-Mounted X-Ray Units, and more economical to!

X-Ray Portable Dental Camera Latest Technology Design Features:

  • Tube Current: -- 3.0 mA tube current ( will work with all digital sensors )
  • Smallest Dental Portable X-Ray Camera on the market
  • Minimized Radiation exposure with lead shield covering on X-ray tube, H.V.
  • Generator, P.C.B. and cone (radiation field limited device)
  • More than 300 times of consecutive exposure is available by high capacity rechargeable battery with P.C.M (Protection Circuit Module) application
  • Zero leakage radiation, High frequency, constant-potential X-ray generator
  • Simple operation, Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Wide graphic LCD screen, Optimized for analog film and digital sensor
  • Flexible exposure time control by 0.01 second step (0.01~1.6 sec)
  • Highest image quality and lowest patient dosage
  • Exposure time setting by age and parts (setting adjustable)
  • DC High Frequency circuit adopted (30KHZ)
  • Best performance X-Ray for all digital sensors
  • H.V. Unit manufacturing method is patent applied
  • 3 hour battery charge time for 100 exposure
  • Lead Back Shield
  • Automatic power interception
  • Has FDA Clearance
  • Camera Warranty ...... 24 month manufacturer warranty, battery -6 month
  • Optional arms
  • Camera Include:
  • X-Ray unit
  • Two Cones - 100mm, 210mm long cones
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Back Shield & lead
  • Impact Protection Carrying Case: Hard Exterior, Soft Interior
Biox Camera Technical Specifications


dc 24V, 2 Ahr
Tube Voltage: 60Kv.
Leakage Zero Leakage, Makes Biox Safe
Portable X-Ray Camera Can Replace Wall Mount Units
Display Operation Wide Color LCD simple operation
Tube current: 3mA
Anode Type: Stationary
Anode Angle: 20
Focal Spot Size: 0.8mm
Exposure Time Range: 0.01 - 1.6sec
Total filtration 1.6mm Al
Battery Charger. Ac 100- 240v.
Source to Skin Distance: 100mm,210mm w/distance cone
X-Ray Field: 60 mm round
Back Shield Protection: Lead combine
Maximum Duty Cycle: 1:60
Weight w/o battery 4.2lb
Total Weight: 2.2kg(4.8lb )
Approximate Dimensions: W:180 x D:73 x H:138mm.
Warranty 2 years. Battery - 6month
X-Ray Portable Biox Camera Extra Options Available call 800-686-5232:
  • Wall Mount Arm ------------ $1000.00
  • Mobile Stand Arm ---------- $1000.00
  • Portable Stand ------------- 750.00
  • Power Supply -------------- $700.00
  • Battery --------------------- $300.00
  • Battery Charger ------------ $100.00
  • Remote Control Switch ------ $60.00