Birth Control Reproductive Implant Simulator

Birth Control Reproductive Implant Simulator

NPDS519 Birth Control Implant NPDS519 Birth Control Implant

Buyamag INC


This compact Birth Control Implant Simulator designed for training health care providers to insert and removing Levonogestrel (Norplant*) Implants.

Levonorgestrel, this medicine is used to prevent pregnancy. The implant system (implants Levonorgestrel Norplant* placed under the skin) prevents or delays ovulation (egg release). It changes the environment so that sperm cannot fertilize the egg, rearranges the chemical balance seen in pregnancy, and prevents implantation of the fertilized egg. This procedure performed by authorized professional health care provider


  • Upper left arm on Lucite base
  • Soft foam insert simulates soft arm tissue
  • Soft foam insert can be rotated 360° allowing multiple insertion exercises
  • 10 tubular inserts
  • One extra latex skin
  • Instruction manual