vibrating body massager

Body Massager Vibrating Neck Back Shoulders Relaxation

SJH-409A body neck back massager SJH-409A body neck back massager

Buyamag INC

Massager SJH :

This uniquely designed foldable body massager is designed as foldable, 90 degree shape, and can be used for massaging the most difficult, hard to reach body parts, neck, lumbar, shoulders. It uses four ancient, popular, natural health therapies:

* Vibrating Massage
* Acupressure, circulation

What's So Special About The Body Massager? This Foldable Massager  series, provides the opportunity to massage yourself in the most hard to reach places with ease:

* Upper And Lover Back
* Back Shoulders
* Foot Reflexology
* Spine
* Thighs
* Auto "ON"-"OFF"

How to use Body Massager
This unique Massagers are "User Friendly". Just place the massager arm on the body part you desire to massage. Pull the handle to turn the massager ON. To stop the Massager, just release the handle to turn the massager OFF. No switches needed! This feature is an additional design to prevent breakage and malfunctions in switches.

This Foldable Massager can be used anywhere. And because of it's foldable design and small size, it can go with you wherever you go:
1. While traveling, NOT use when driving.
2. At Home
3. At Work
4. After sports training
* "D" size, 1.5 v. 3 batteries
* Light weight
* Foldable
* Auto "ON"-"OFF"
* User Friendly