Brain Cerebro-Spinal Fluid Circulation, Professional Model

Brain Cerebro-Spinal Fluid Circulation, Professional Model

NPDA78 Brain Sagittal Cut NPDA78 Brain Sagittal Cut

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Cerebro-spinal Fluid Circulation Professional Model : Sectioned through the right side of the Brain and base of the Skull, this enlarged double-sided section shows the cut Meningeal Edges. Color-coding illustrates the Reg-Ions within and surrounding the Brain that contain Cerebrospinal Fluid, and arrows indicate the direction in which the Fluid Flows. Hand painted in contrasting colors, the model sits on a detachable stand and includes Key Card.

Overall dimensions: 10x7x5 inches (25x18x12 cm).

Model rests on a detachable stand base.

Model used for educational and medical schools, Neurological learning programs, to aid the learning process and understand functions of a human brain. Excellent for legal presentations.