Brain Functional-Center Model Giant  4 Parts

Brain Functional-Center Model Giant 4 Parts

NPDA72 Brain 4 Part NPDA72 Brain 4 Part

Buyamag INC


Brain Model About 2 times life size, this model of the Brain of a right-handed person uses contrasting colors and labels to identify Motor and Sensory Functional Centers. Sensory Centers receptive to 20 specific body regions are distinguished, as are the Motor Centers controlling 19 body regions. More than 120 numbered features with corresponding Key Card. 4-part Brain rests on Molded Base

Popular model for educational and medical schools programs to aid the learning process and understand functions of a human brain. Excellent for legal presentations.


  • 2 times life size
  • Identify Motor sensory functional centers
  • 20 specific Regions
  • Includes base
  • Key Card Included
  • More than 120 Labeled Structures
  • Dissects in to 4 Parts

Size: 8” x 8” x 10”