Brain & Head Demonstration 8 Part

Brain & Head Demonstration 8 Part

BC25 Brain Head Model 8 Parts BC25 Brain Head Model 8 Parts

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Deluxe Brain & Head 8 Parts Model, comes with opened head to allow detailed study of the brain's position in the skull. The human head is horizontally divided above the skull base. This medially divided deluxe brain model shows the brain arteries in detail and the basilar artery is removable. The classic brain is a great tool for education on the human nervous system and anatomy of the brain. The brain in a head base is delivered on a base.

Model used for educational and medical schools, Neurological learning programs, to aid the learning process and understand functions of a human brain. Excellent for legal presentations. Both halves of this brain model can be disassembled into:

Brain & Head Model Features

  • Frontal with parietal lobes
  • Temporal with occipital lobes
  • Half of brain stem
  • Half of cerebellum
  • 6 x 6 x 9.1"
  • 3.53 lb