calculus removal practice teeth cleaning

Calculus Plaque Paste 1 Bottle 15 Mg. Tar-Tar Periodontal Hygiene Teeth Cleanin Training Practice

NPR Dental Teeth Plaque Calculus Paste Bottle NPR Dental Teeth Plaque Calculus Paste Bottle

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The artificial calculus comes in a the black color to provide students a realistic tooth cleaning. Teeth calculus artificial, 15ml. bottle.

Used for periodontal - hygiene teaching realistic experience. Calculus, plague, tartar for cleaning removal practicing, training calculus scaling, root planing, detection, scaling. Looks and feels like real calculus - plague buildup.


Take each tooth out of the Typodont Model, use the brush - Included, and apply calculus on each tooth on appropriate area.
Wait ( 30 ~ 40 min ) till it get dry. Put each tooth back in the Typodont. Use for practice, training and gain experience in hygiene techniques, removing calculus, tartar.

Cup with brush - included for easy application

Great students aide for periodontal, hygiene teaching, training.