Car Air Ionizer IN-68 Deluxe

Car Air Ionizer IN-68 Deluxe

Car Air Ionizers
car air ionizer car air ionizer

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Air ionizers (Negative Ion Generators) for the home are widely used. What about the air you breath in your car? Car Air Ionizers can improve air quality, create wellness, reduce airborne Bacteria, and promote a more positive state of mind. Car Air Ionizers increase the concentration of negative ions in the air, refreshing the air by removing Mildew, Dust, and Smoke. A Car Air Ionizer can help maintain a Naturally Beneficial Environment inside your car allowing you to stay more Alert and Relaxed helping you become a Safer Driver. It is very easy to install. Just push the Ionizer into the Cigarette Lighter Adapter until the "ON" indicator lights up. The Car Ionizer will create a smell the same as in Nature after a Thunder Storm.

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)