Catheterization Female Simulator Transparent

Catheterization Female Simulator Transparent

Female Catheterization Transparent
NPLFSB32745U Transparent Female Catheterization Simulator NPLFSB32745U Transparent Female Catheterization Simulator

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This newly developed and designed Transparent Female Catheterization Model makes it possible to practice catheterization while observing what is happening internally in the Human Body. Really helps nurses and students in developing Catheterization Skills, by allowing them to view the indwelling condition of a balloon catheter, flow of urine, and the relative position of the pelvis and bladder through a transparent hypogastrium. Makes an easy to understand anatomy of the Human Body. External genitalia is made of a special soft life-like material, making this model extremely realistic. Comes with irrigator, irrigator stand, and case.

Epock-making new soft material used!!

Transparent hypogastrium, inside of bladder observable!!

Can observe female catheterization on an anatomical level!

Can observe indwelling condition of balloon catheter and flow of urine!

External genitalia is extremely close to the human body. Can study resistance and pressure very close to the real thing!

Can learn relative position of pelvis and bladder through transparent hypogastrium!

This "Transparent female catheter model" has been developed as a learning tool for both female catheter simulation and anatomical study. You can see from the outside the inflation and position of the balloon for balloon catheter. Moreover, it is a catheter simulator using an external genitalia made of soft special material which makes it real as never before. The pelvis, bladder, etc. are built-in so you can learn while observing the state and angle of catheter insertion and its indwelling condition.

Size: H 10" x W 21" x D 17"

Weight - 21 Lbs