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Catheterization Simulator Female & Male Deluxe

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Catheterization Simulator :

The male life-size catheterization simulator, catheterization can be practiced just as on a real patient. A lubricated catheter can be inserted in the urethral orifice, passed through the urethra, and into the bladder. When the bladder is successfully entered, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter.

The student will feel the normal restrictions caused by the mucosal folds, bulbous urethra, and the internal urethral sphincter, just prior to entrance into the bladder.

The experience teaches proper positioning and movement of the penis to allow the catheter to pass easily with a minimum of discomfort to the patient. Male catheterization Simulator includes a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheter, and teaching guide. 5 year warranty.

Dimensions:18" x 10 x 13"

key card included

The Female Catheterization Simulator is constructed with a bladder reservoir, patient urethra, and a valve simulating the internal urethral sphincter.

The normal feeling of resistance and pressure will be experienced as a catheter is passed through the urethra, past the sphincter, and into the bladder. When the catheter enters the bladder, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter as it would with a real patient.

This simulator is the torso of a middle-aged woman with thighs abducted for proper position during catheterization. The external genitalia and perineum are molded in lifelike form. The labia minora can be spread apart naturally to reveal the clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal introitus. 

Female Catheterization Simulator includes: a hard carrying case, lubricant, catheters, Key Card and teaching guide. 5 year warranty

Dimensions: 25" x 17" x 14"