Central Catheterization PICC Lines Training Manikin

Central Catheterization PICC Lines Training Manikin

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The only line of "see-thru" manikins available for teaching Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Lines (PICC Lines). The specialized cloth insertion sites, on both the left and the right arm, allow a procedural window to properly teach the PICC Line procedure. Medpicc™ allows both the teaching and assessment of the PICC technique. This portable, lightweight teaching manikin features: anatomically-correct basilic, cephalic, jugular, subclavian, and superior vena cava paths. Visual ribs and heart permit practice in measuring proper catheter length. The manikin can be used for confirmation of proper placement by viewing the catheter in the transparent superior vena cava. This model can be used for standard IV catheter placement. Includes soft carrying case. Measures 28" H x 28" W.             Weight:  17 lb