magnetic therapy magnets

Ceramic Magnetic Therapy Flexible Application Neoprene Encased

1 A Ceramic Around In Neopere Magnet 1 A Ceramic Around In Neopere Magnet

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3 Magnet Hold Bands Straps $19.99

A. 2" Dia. 1 Magnet $23.99
B. 3.25" Dia. 5 Magnets $29.50
C. 5.25"x3.5" 9 Magnets $37.50

Magnetic therapy pads All Bionorth, 3850 gauss each of A-1 magnet, B-5 magnets, C-9 magnets Neoprene Material for best comfort and results. Each Magnetic Pad designed with Strap for easy placing, holding comfort and results. Flexible application, soft, curves the body shape. Fit any body part

To hold in place magnets use rubber straps - optional