Cervical Vertebral Column Flexible

Cervical Vertebral Column Flexible

Flexible Cervical NPCVC-200 Flexible Cervical NPCVC-200

Buyamag INC


Cervical Model Assembled on Flexible Rod, features: Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Vertebral, Artery and Spinal Nerve, Functional, Greatly Detailed model. Bones are Assembled with a Chromoplated Flexible Tube, Muscles are attached with Strong Flexible Bunge Cord. Nerves, Muscles and Ligaments are made of Durable Soft Polyurethane Rubber. Bones are made of an Impact & Fatigue-Proof Polyurethane Plastic to Lest for Years. It is used by medical schools educational programs and students, doctor's offices, patients and legal presentations. Weight: 1 lb. Stand -- Included.

  • Occipital To C-7 With Disks
  • Brain Stem, Cerebellum
  • Vertebral, Artery and Spinal Nerve,
  • Functional Model
  • Stand -- Included.
Size: 9"x6"x4"